Courtney Platt - Underwater Photography

Courtney Platt has been taking photographs underwater since 1976 and above water since 1983. His images have won numerous awards, and as a freelancer he has completed six National Geographic assignments to date. His own publication, "Colorful Cayman" was released in the summer of 2001.
Living in Grand Cayman since 1983, Courtney piloted deep diving submersibles to 1000 feet for Atlantis Adventures. His first assignment for National Geographic, "Down the Cayman Wall", Nov 1988 features Courtney's spectacular photographs from the sub. Courtney shoots commercial projects and portraiture in addition to nature and underwater photography. Decorative prints of his most aesthetic images have been displayed in hotels, banks, commercial buildings and private homes. Courtney's work has appeared in National Geographic World. Skin Diver, Scuba Times, Ocean Realm, Sport Diver, Sea Frontiers, Time, Forbes, various tourism publications and several books.
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