"Halliburton Bow" 24X48 Canvas

Blue Ocean Art

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18x48 Gallery wrapped Canvas - one print available
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This print has been on exhibit, but is in excellent condition and shipped in original packing materials. This print size is 24 inches X 48 inches.  Print shown in photo is not necessarily to scale.  

In dim light 60-100 feet below the ocean surface, the wreck of the Halliburton in Utila, Honduras appears dark and drab to the naked eye.  But shine a bright light and the surface of the massive comes alive, covered in a brightly hued carpet of sponges, corals and algae in every color of the spectrum. To capture the spectacular color, hundreds of overlapping macro photographs were taken at a measured distance, just inches away from the side of the ship.  Each photograph covered an area 4 inches wide and was illuminated with high power underwater strobes.  

Archival fine art print on archival canvas.

130 year + archival quality printing

  • highest possible resolution
  • satin finish
  • ready to hang

Shipped insured packaged in lightweight foamed box.



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